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More Blurred Image Issues

Woke up this morning to find that some images on my site are blurry, and since I didn’t do this (nor do I even know how to) I’m assuming it’s something with webflow. I cannot directly select the object in designer, the only way I can grab it is in the navigator pane. Others who are having similar issues are disabling “Responsive Image” in image settings. This has not worked for me.

My site is supposed to go live on Friday.

Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - RealVue - Advanced Imaging for Real Estate

It would be helpful if you could share a published URL to the page, so inspection in a browser is possible. Also, topics get more traction with visuals added, illustrating the problem.

medium sized graphic (logo) in the second text block. However, if you follow the read only link the image is also blurred out even in webflow

Issue loading URL.

Not sure why but the blur is when the image is floated. See video. 2021-12-21_16-21-11

Webflow is the host.

I will have a look at the video, but it is not floated. And has been working fine for two weeks… until it wasn’t.

Since the video shows that you are using float:right on the image, that contradicts your statement. You really might be better off using positioning anyway.

What changed? Browsers are constantly being updated and that can introduce quirks and bugs. That logo renders fine in Firefox. Chromium based browsers on Windows no. I did not check on my Macs. This is not a Webflow issue. Rather a browser rendering one.

I apologize. I didn’t realize the image was “floated” - I guess I need to familiarize myself more with WebFlow lingo. Found the problem, fixed the problem. Thanks.

Is there still a problem with the URL? As this is hosted by WebFlow, if there is an issue… what are the steps I should take to fix it?

No, it loads now as expected.