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Suddenly blurry website and content not showing up

Hi there, I was working on my site last night when I tried changing one image on a static page and everything went blurry. The entire site is now blurred and while the navigator shows that everything is still in place, it doesn’t actually showcase the content in the designer. I have no idea how this happened and I don’t know how to fix it. It seems like some kind of glitch?

Please help!!

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It looks like you added a 5px blur to the Body class on your project:

Clear that style property and everything should be back to normal :+1:


Everything cleared up however it’s still not showing up in the correct format… I am not sure how to get it back to the way it was

What do you mean by “correct format”? Can you provide a bit more information (or a previous screenshot)?

If you only made a few updates you can see if restoring a backup gets you back to where you’d like to be:

So here’s a preview of what everything looks like right now. Everything somehow became squished and overruled by one image in particular.

I have been using a template and it’s supposed to look something like this:

On the Page Wrapper Nav Left element, change the display to Block and remove the width of 5%:

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A Webflow hero. Thank you so much :pray: