Modal popup stuck inside another div, ignoring index

@PixelGeek thanks for trying to help!

but, this is the current situation. this is only for the mobile. but, somehow, my modals are stuck in the fixed div that’s the menubar. I’m using this method:

  • goto page “Graph” then mobile view:
    Here is my public share link: LINK

EDIT: one amazing peculiarity I just noticed - when I mouse around, all of the elements below the “Viewport” element are being selected - I can’t even select that div with the mouse. it’s just mysteriously (to me!) floating over everything. I can only select it via the navigator. totally bizarre.

okay, somewhere somehow - the overflow was set to hidden just for the mobile view. AND THAT WAS IT.

SOMEONE kill me now. :joy: :joy: :joy:
I’m loosing it.

still, this is all the result of this insanely complicated modal work around. PLEASE, need modals. need modals now!

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