Tooltips and modules still coming?

Also interested in this. Are these still coming? Can anyone from Webflow offer an answer?

Hi guys! We’ve been pretty busy building other highly requested features. We do have plans for these features but no ETA.


Tooltips would be very much appreciated


I am also interested in tooltips in the first place.

Any update on the tooltip feature?

yeah, i keep getting surprised by these threads started literally a year or more ago, for some seemingly standard things… that are still not here. i mean, modals and tooltips… someone at webflow thought they were important enough to put in a graphic a year and a half ago… and still, not here.

as cool as interactions 2.0 looks, it’s not something i need over these now basic and expected functions. i know i can make a modal hack with interactions 1; i did it. but… if i need to make a lot of them that way, it becomes a mess super fast. now i want to make some nice fancy tooltips… but, again, i’m scratching my head how to start. just dragging and dropping would be nice!

some kind of roadmap would be nice, maybe.

Sorry for the holdup guys! We’re currently reworking our component foundations to make it easier/faster to build features like this. Thanks for your patience!


I’m going crazy building modals and tooltips manually every day!!

Well at least it is possible with a bit of creativity :sunglasses:

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I read the thread and looks like you got a complement on a site, and request for a share. You mind sharing now?

tell me about it. i’m now attempting to add one additional modal to the one already there. was moving along fine; duplicated the existing one, added the combo class, have everything looking just right. now, trying to add the interactions; so far so good… NOPE! combo class names can’t be used under “affect different element(s).” i guess that’s okay, i’ll just duplicate the main style… NOPE! that doesn’t exist. oh well, so much for having a life.

The trick is to create 1 popup, called “Popup” for example. This popup you set on display:none by default, to hide it when the site opens. Then create an interaction on a link which you call “open popup”, to open the popup. Then create another interaction to close the popup, obviously.

Now, if you have multiple popups. You might want to move this popup element inside another div-block element called “popup wrapper” for example. That way we can set the “open popup” element to "affect element “POPUP” and check the setting “Limit to sibling elements”. That way it won’t intervene with the other popups in your page.

See images:


ahhhhh!! i get it. because they’re nested together, the interaction only works with the “next door” element. so, you can still use the same interaction over and over, but it only effects (or affects? haha) the one that’s grouped. smart! and, 100x easier to manage than setting up a new one from scratch every time. of course… would still prefer a base drag and drop element, then all of this hassle. but, i think you just saved some of my sanity for today. thanks!!

EDIT: wow, this works great. THANK YOU! you should get 100 likes for that. seriously, i could follow your screeenshots, and my brain doesn’t hurt this time!

seems like there might be a fatal flaw in this? i now have two modals working. function great. however, now i need to edit one… if i make just that one visible, the other one is also visible. so… the one i need to edit is now covered up! there seems to be absolutely no way to get to it. is there? how do i edit the “lower” modal now?

aside, and back on-topic - i cannot believe how infuriatingly convoluted these work arounds are for what should be simple standard elements. “infuriating” is a word i use probably every hour when describing my experience with webflow, btw. not what you want your top descriptive adjective to be from a user.

Oh Yes I forgot that part.
if you want to edit your popups, things can get strange when you set your popup to visible. Because all popups will become visible!

An easy fix for that would be just to add a subclass to each popup, like “Popup|Newsletter” or “Popup|Search”. That way each popup sub-class will have it’s own display:setting.

But yes I know all about the frustration working with this! I’ve done millions of popups. But talking with Webflow they already ensured me they are thinking this through. It’s quite a complex widget to create, eventhough it sounds simple!

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I’m using the same library Webflow uses for tooltips. Works beautifully here:

Scroll down to the table and mouseover to the question mark to see them.

I’m also using bootstrap’s tooltips for inside the modals, once you click on an app here:

Not as pretty, but functional.


For tooltips:
I prepared an extension to Webflow, that lets you easily add a tooltip to any element.
It’s easy to set up and very fast to use later, without leaving the Designer interface.
Read more here:


For the love of everything holy can we PLEASE get an accordion widget?

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The native Dropdown widget works perfectly as accordion!
Have a look at this site. It’s my component site I start all my new website projects on top on. It’s clonable too!

It’d be life-saving if there was a way to make tabs behave like accordion in mobile portrait view, as well.

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