Modal pop-ups not working past the 100th CMS item

So I managed to add a modal pop-up to my CMS list. All good until now.
But the list has 192 items so I have to turn on pagination to view all of them on my homepage.

The pop-up still works for the first 100 items. After I click the [Next] button and go past the 100th item in the list the pop-up stops working. What’s worse is that now the pop-up stops working for the first 100 items after I click the [Back] button…

I’ve learned to do modal pop-ups by myself and also tried the Finsweet Accesible Components.
Both ways have the same result: pop-up stops working after the 100th item.

I’ve also tried the Finsweet/CMS Load Attributes, both Pagination and Render All but the problem persists.

Anyone else bumped into this issue? Any solutions?

If not, are there any alternatives to modals for same-page pop-up viewing of blog posts?


Interactions initialize when the page loads.
In a normal setup, with Webflow’s native pagination, you’d be fine because clicking a page button reloads the page, and those interactions re-initialize.

If you use FS Load, that doesn’t happen, the new content is loaded in-place.
If you read the FS docs there is a setting you can enable to re-initialize interactions, should achieve what you’re looking for.

It did not work with Webflow’s native pagination and my manual modal setup (no third party library).

Thank you for mentioning Finsweet documentation. I’ll have a look into that.

That suggests some sort of issue with the code in the manual setup. There isn’t anything special there regarding interactions. Best to look at your browser console log for errors.

If you’re having problems in the native setup you’ll want to resolve them first before trying to add layers on top of it with Finsweet’s tooling.