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Modal Images Not Showing with Interactions

I created a popup modal with interactions following the tutorial video, link below. I added images to my modal and when I go to preview the modal the interactions and everything work but the images do not show up, but they show up. They are there when I am not in preview mode. Is there a reason for this?

Here are two screen shots the first showing what I see while working and the second show the preview mode and the images not appearing.


Hi @teamswanson, thanks for the question. In order to look at this further, could you help to share the site read-only link?

Also, just to confirm, the issue is that the images are showing in preview, but not on the published site?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, no this is just in the working mode and preview. I haven’t published it since it’s not working. The modal is on the current work test page. Here is the read only link.


Any ideas @cyberdave?

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