Mobile Webflow view VS Mobile View

Hey guys!

I am making a website for a friend, and I am having trouble with how the page displays on my mobile.

On the Webflow mobile view, it says the image takes up 100% of the page, but when I check it on my phone it cuts off and there is some white space which I don’t really want.

I tried searching the forums for a solution but was unable to find a fix, however I may have been looking in the wrong place. I made sure all my divs etc are 100% height.

Is there any particular trick to fixing this?

Apologies in advance if its something really simple…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Feel free to view it @ :

Thanks for reading


Hey all still having trouble with this, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I actually only see this white space when I’m viewing the website on my desktop, not when the browser is shrunk to mobile size or when I’m viewing the site on my phone (Nexus 5X using Chrome).

I’m not able to get a clear sense of what exactly is causing the problem, but I’m thinking it’s due to the form element pushing down the page further than the body element is expecting it to be pushed. Try giving the form div a bit of margin below (I would suggest just matching the margin on the top - 55px) and see if this fixes the background issue. This will also give the form a little bit of breathing room once the visitor reaches the bottom of the page.

What’s your custom code look like? It’s possible that you’re trying to force styles there that may be conflicting with what you’ve done in the editor.

Hey @mikeyevin thanks for your reply!

Will look into the form div margin now :slight_smile:

Custom code is the Facebook chat widget

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