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Mobile version nav menu not closing

Hi all~
I’m still having an issue with the nav menu stuck in open position on mobile version. I purchased this template called ‘STORY’ through webflow site and I didn’t make any changes to the original nav bar that I’m aware of to make the mobile view stay stuck open. I’m hesitant to re-create the nav in case it would disrupt the styling/triggers of the dropdown submenu on scroll or possibly break other code.
Thanks so much! Cathy

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Howdy catwomen10,
Found a workaround to your problem. Honest moment…not quite solved, but definitely an effective mitigation. Enjoy!

Peace ॐ,

Check out these links for the solution:

Forum post: How to Move/Hide Nav bar and Close Nav Menu Using Built-In Interactions

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I have the same problem here When I use this code, it affects my desktop view. I truly believe this configuration should be by default, or be applied by checking the cheking box.

$('.w-nav-menu').on('click', 'a', function() {

it’s possible to add some if to this code, so it only affects the mobiles versions of the site?
Catwomen10 - let me know how you solved it, please.