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Mobile Site won't scroll after closing menu link

Hey All, just wanted to see if anyone has a solution for this issue here…

I’ve set up in page linking and on mobile, whenever I open the menu and select a link it closes and scrolls down to the appropriate section fine. But, it won’t scroll through the page. You would have to open the menu again and either select the same link or a different link to again close the menu and have scroll functionality again.

Does anyone know how to fix this so that once you click a link it will just close the menu, scroll to the section you want, and continue to interact with the site by scrolling up or down?

I do have some custom code on the mobile menu that locks the body whenever the menu is open so not sure if that’s what is causing this issue.

big thanks to whoever can help.

(*** I also have a custom cursor just in case you’re not seeing a cursor from my shared link and this issue also seems to only show on my published site at; ***)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hey Andrew,

I’ve seen that all your sections are set to “overflow hidden”.
I see the issue on my phone, but I can’t replicate it in the Webflow mobile preview with the “overflow visible”.

Can you try making the overflow visible and publishing and checking on mobile?

Now 100% sure that could be causing it, but I know that I previously had scrolling issues when the overflow was set to hidden.

Let me know how it goes.

Hey Szymon,

Thanks for getting back to me. I just changed all of the sections to ‘overflow visible’ and it was the same issue but also taking your advice I found it to be the small bit of custom code I had to lock the body when the menu is open. That was set to ‘overflow hidden’ and that’s what the issue is here. setting it to ‘visible’ fixes this issue regardless of overflow selection for those sections.

I’ll have to figure something else out to lock the body still as that’s something I would like to happen whenever the menu is open

Cool, glad you got it.
Perhaps you can share the code for someone who has this problem in the future?

Typically, this shouldn’t be a problem I think. I only encountered this once before, and that was a long time ago.
Did you build your navigation from scratch? Or did you use the Webflow one?

I used the provided webflow navigation. I’ve read that it can get buggy for certain things but was easiest to use in this instance.

I just had this to lock the body from scrolling when the menu button is open and changed it from hidden to visible to fix the issue for now { overflow: hidden; }

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