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Mobile slider elements overflowing under other elements

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Hi all!

I’m very new at web design and webflow. This is page is a class project, and I feel like I’m understanding things reasonably well, but I cannot figure out why in the mobile views of my slider where I wanted to stack the elements instead of having them side-by-side, the slider doesn’t seem to be pushing other content down. I can’t make my heading and photo both visible unless I set a min VH, and I feel like there has to be something upstream that I’ve set wrong. I’ve included published and share only links and some screenshots. I’d appreciate any suggestions!


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Hi, welcome to Webflow! You need to change your flexbox to do not resize on the header


Thanks! I think I understand why that works. (I’m very much still learning CSS layout). Can you look one more time and help me understand why I now have the bottom of the slider being cut off? I figure it must have something to do with the mobile-slider-container because it goes below the visible part of the slider, but I can’t figure out what to do about it.