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Mobile not working but looks great in designer

Hey y’all. Love being part of this community and Love webflow. Been working on my portfolio but something is fishy with mobile for some reason. Here is my read-only link:

What I’m having trouble with specifically is on several phones I’m using, unable to see the site at all, just blank after the hero image, it doesn’t even scroll. On the designer, everything is looking great.

Here’s a screenshot from the designer and from my phone:

I’ve tried multiple phones, multiple browsers and clearing all the cache in the world 100 times, nothing works.

Live link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi. Please add a live URL (No way to guess).

** Anyway - remove any custom code and test again.

D’oh! Updated!


main-body remove this style (on your body).

hh you set the overflow: hidden; (For the body!).


The mega vertical spaces related to your CSS and Animations (You use a lot of vh units) + A lot of animations (Hard to know - beside check on by one).

Thank you Ezra! I do remember putting that on there… seems to be working better now.

You mentioned I use a lot of VH units. Is this bad? I thought VH being flexible was better than pixels. Is % a better unit to use?

In general it is related unit - so 100VH om device X could looks diff VS device Y. It is not bad but 300vh on mobile is “3 folds without any content”.

What would be the best units to use in that case?