Mobile screen not working properly

Most of the content in my mobile view is not working properly and I’m unable to see all the content in the mobile screen. However it works fine in the tablet and other devices, need your help in understanding why I’m unable to see the other content in the mobile.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ManiDesign

Hi @Manideep_Chinthiredd, i dont see a major issue on the site. if the issue still persist on your site, please screenshot the elements you no longer see on mobile.

I recommend changing “100vh” to “auto” on applicable divs, once you hit mobile horizontal view. A parent div set to 100vh will be trying to squeeze all of that content into a little handheld screen. Not going to work. It’ll look good in Webflow when designing, but not in reality.

I might be wrong on this. I cant’s see any obvious issues when viewing at mobile size.