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Mobile Navigation Broken, other content moving to foreground (Safari)

Hi everyone,

I’ve started to redesign my website with a template however have a problem in Safari/horizontal iPhone.
When pressing the mobile menu somehow other elements (logo) move in the foreground.
Chrome displays it correctly (see below) but in iOS/Safari the horizontal view menu is completely broken and content from the “back” shows through.

I’ve tried to fix this with z-index but wasn’t able to solve it. What am I not seeing?

Thanks a lot!

Here is my public share link: Link

Hi @franziska very very sorry for the delayed response. I wasn’t able to find the root cause, but I am noticing that you’ve changed the layout of the navbar component quite a bit.

Have you thought of maybe creating two navbars? One for desktop and one for mobile?

Just change the visibility settings for each navbar:

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