NavBar Hambuger Menu IOS Safari Broken


I have a site working ok in Chrome, FF and Safari.
In certains versions of IOS (iPad, iPhone) there is a bug on the hamburger menu: It does not show the menu items properly as the last item is not shown.

My menu has four items: La Cantina, La Carta, Los Clientes, Los Cantineros.
The last item is not shown (on some IOS browsers):

Here is my preview link: Webflow - lacantinaconora

Also the site is published at (exported code)

I have seen similar issues in the forum but they seem old as this:

There is a possible solution by @PixelGeek recommending to do two different nav bars, one for desktop, one for mobile. My question is: How should my mobile navbar be different from the other?

Any other help is welcome
Thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Finally I solved it doing a second NavBar only for Mobile, taking out the House pic.

I tend to think problems arise with the component “Brand” from the NavBar

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