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Mobile Navbar Interaction Issues

Hey gang,
Second time posting this issue. I have two separate navbar symbols (‘Nav Default’ and ‘Alt Navbar Dynamic’) on each page, and they’re both giving me the same issue in all screen sizes tablet and lower …

when I click the burger menu then hover over the ‘products’ dropdown selector, the dropdown won’t extend full width, but rather the dropdown menu button parent (products) ends up edging over to the left. I either want it (the products dropdown button) to show above it’s children, OR completely be replaced by the dropdown menu — open to either solve.

Thanks so much for your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@shokoaviv Hey Mos,
You were super helpful with that last issue I had regarding that image stretching. It’s been some time I’ve struggled with this issue also, and haven’t had anyone offer any insights. Since you seem to really know your way around I thought I’d see if perhaps you had an idea on this one? Mind taking a look?

Hey @cyberdave hope you’re well! You helped me once before, and I dont know anyone else on here who might know the solution. I am still stumped on this. Any ideas?


You can set the “Dropdown” to display flex Vertical and remove the Padding.
I hope this helps.


I think attaching video or screenshots will help to describe your issue - word are not enough in this case :slight_smile: waiting to your response