Dropdown Menu Appearance Issue

I am having issues where the tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait nav menus are not appearing upon clicking. It seems to be an issue with how I combined all the navbar items in the menu itself so that the scroll option is active for small (height) screens.

How can I work my way around this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Webflame,

Ok i see many things :slight_smile:

First i think if i understand well what you want to do that you should do that

Next if you nav menu doest appear i guess its because you replaced the initial burger of the WF navbar with a custom one.

It’s a good idea but since i have no idea how the WF navbar works i can’t really help you but i think its probably what is causing you problem. Maybe @Waldo can confirm this
Right now in your interaction you don’t say to the burger to open the menu via affect another element you just tell it to do the animation.

If i were you

I would build a custom navbar, using a simple div for Nav-menu and using interaction between this div and your burger. You are not far from that right now.

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