Mobile navbar bug where won't collapse

Hey community! Struggling to debug this weird navbar issue I’m seeing on mobile. This is what’s happening:

  1. On mobile → click top left hamburger to open side navbar items
  2. click out of navbar either by “x” icon or tap outside navbar
  3. You can see there is a ~1 second delay then the navbar reappears and you can’t click out of it

Only way to reset this issue is by clicking a navbar link or refreshing. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!!

Here is my site Read-Only

Production Site =
Browser = chrome

Hey Sam I can’t reproduce it on chrome desktop or android chrome, my first guess would be that you need to clear your browser cache.

Check it on multiple devices. See if it’s only happening on a specific page. If you can reproduce it consistently across multiple devices let me know how to find it.

It’s probably a small fix, but these tend to take a bit of time in the R&D aspect around identifying the cause of the problem and figuring out how to prevent it.

Hey Michael,

Surprised you aren’t seeing it on chrome mobile. To reproduce it, are you triggering the mobile slideout, then either clicking the X or empty space that should close it?

I’m getting the issue on chrome and safar. See screenshots.


You can see additional weirdness on the left side once the slideout pops back out. Theres a few pixel gap where it’s not attached.


Yep. Your problem description was clear- it’s just closing and not reappearing for me.