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Mobile nav automatically closing

Hi there,

My mobile nav seems to close automatically after a couple of seconds and I can’t work out how to fix it. Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only:

it works fine for me.

Don’t suppose you tried to do that on an actual mobile? Access the link via safari or chrome and the problem occurs.

It works within read-only however it does not when accessing the site for real. Please use this link on mobile. See below for video of the bug in action.

Automatically closing on Safari if I try to tap the dropdown menu

@guoshuzhang did you see this? Bumping this thread.

Im having the exact same problem on my site. Anybody solved this glitch?

@PixelGeek Would be grateful if you could help us out.
Navbar auto-closes after 4 seconds only on mobile. I tried adding a new default webflow navbar and just tested that. Still the same result :frowning:

I’m having this problem, too. Anyone know what could be causing it?

I think I have found the solution…

We both have similar cases.
We have hover on desktop and click on mobile .
So what was happening, the hover was conflicting with the mobile click, so as soon as the mouse pointer shifts from the nav item on mobile, it closes due to hover trigger.

In your case, the hover Interaction is set on all the devices, remove it from mobile or tablet on which you have hamburger menu.

In my case, I had it applied on element instead of class, so it was occurring on all the other pages as it wasn’t able to filter off the mobile devices.

Check if this helps.