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Mobile Nav Menu disappears

Does anyone know why my hamburger menu disappears as I resize it for mobile? If I go to “mobile portrait” and resize, the menu goes away. Here’s my read only site link.


Hi Ashley,

Upon adding the Navbar Component, you’ve added individual styles that will push the content all around. If you remove all the styles and set it with Flex or Block, the menu will be okay. I’ll do a quick video to show what I mean. Remember, when you add "margins, padding, positioning left and right, you’re telling the browser you want something -85 px, but it doesn’t take into account “Resizing”, so it will stay off the screen. Let me record this and send you a video you can follow :grin:

If you could not add any elements for a minute I’ll hurry and do a video, but that symbol remove so I can show ya. That header was fine how you had it. You don’t want that in a Symbol like that. :blush:

Hi Gary,
A video would be great.

Thank you

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