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Mobile Nav Button (hamburger) not working on iOS

On my iPhone 6s in Safari, if I press the nav button I can see the menu try to animate (drop down), but it just slides back up in an instant. I’ve noticed it only happens on the home page, and even if I add a new un-styled nav to my home page it acts the same. I have a feeling something on my home page is conflicting with the button?

I can’t seem to find any solutions to this issue, i’ve noticed a few others had problems with their mobile nav buttons but resolved them by setting the navbar element to position: relative… I’ve tried that with no success.

Anyone else experiencing this? or have any suggestions?


I’ve fixed the problem, for anyone else who might come across this, I found that the culprit was a script I was using to link two sliders together. That script can be found on this thread: How to Make Two Webflow Sliders Slide Together

Near the bottom of the thread, pnmcosta posted an updated version of the script which fixed my Nav button issue, and still links my two sliders.

Here is my published site:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


Glad you got it sorted!

Phhhhewww, this post saved me. <3