Menu button can't be pressed on actual mobile

Hello fellow webflow users,

Really enjoying using webflow so far but I have run into an issue and have no clue how to solve it. I can’t press the menu button of my navbar on an actual iphone.

It’s similar to this earlier post Menu Button Won't Press On Mobile

I’ve used the navbar layout from the starter library as starting point. Everything seems to work as it should on desktop browsers, also when using the simulated viewport and touch with the chrome and firefox inspector. But when I’m trying to press the menu button on my iphone it doesn’t work. Can’t select it and when I long press it it selects the first part of the name in the navbar. Tried different positions, z-index but alas.

Hopefully someone can help me, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Upon further inspection it only seems to happen on iphones with ios 13 and seems to be related to Issue with mobile nav on Safari iOS 13 - #15 by snappercridge but I still haven’t been able to fix it :frowning: