Mobile Menu doesn't close

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with customising mobile menus. I’ve found that the mobile menu (using the built in navbar) is sensitive to a whole variety of issues.

  1. Already documented elsewhere, external links will cause the mobile menu to not close (please fix this as we should be able to link to sub domains or other websites from the nav menu).
  2. Shifting the nav links down appears to break the menu closing functionality. I tried doing this two ways, by moving the nav links down, or by increasing the top nav link’s margin from the top. Both methods cause the mobile menu to no longer close. Certain designs require the menu to open up in specific positions and it seems strange that just moving it breaks the menu button.


Please ignore this. I figured it out. Parent container has to be set to relative, not fixed.

Hi @geenatan, is everything ok now? If not, try to post a read-only link to the site with screenshots or a screencast of the issue, and what page it is on.

Thanks in advance!

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