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Mobile Menu Links On top of each other

I have a bit of a problem links all working great on nav bar and drop down in Desk top views…

But in Mobile views they are messed up and sitting on top of each other… this happened after I went in and added a Hover open drop down feature that is working really nicely… wonder if there are adjustments that are needed on the NavBar to fix what is messed up in the mobile menu view? don’t know what and where to start with to fix this and keep my nav bar menus working … hopefully someone out there has experienced this issue and can give me some pointers… Oh I have added the links kind of in a way my client was asking for… hmm maybe be we need new thinking on the way his pages open up… I would have preferred a hot link and one less under the NavBar but client wanted a top name and links below like in Gallery

I feel like I am on the home stretch … almost done… this men problem is not got me concerned… hopefully one of you can see how the Desk top is working and advise me on next step to Fix…

Reason of this mess is that your Dropdown class has zero height

Remove that setting and height will become auto. It will fix your problem

AWESOME YOU SOLVED MY ISSUES AGAIN … I will print this so I can be aware of this issue in the future… thank you for the quick response… b

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