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Dark Lines Showing Up In Mobile Views

STUCK … can someone please give solution to my seeing DARK lines in the Mobile Views on all of my Devices - Not in DeskTop View. Please see screenshot.

Have a nice day.

I apologize but when I did more surfing and work in my browser just suddenly the dark lines had disappeared… Have no idea what happened but am very glad they went away.

Wow… have a nice day.

This lines are from borders that you added. But “title1 container” has negative margin and cover part of border

Yet your navbar has left and right borders

Thak you for the explanation… will check it out… Have a DUMB Question… embarrassed to ask…

Regards to the MENU for Mobile devices… is this auto populated with the Nav Bar links or do I have to Build the Menu for Mobile? I could use a good video or explanation as to what I need to do to get this working… does not work when in Preview mode…

If I have seen this on a video and I have watched many I just cannot not remember … old man here…? Thank you

Dark lines are now the entire length Made some adjustments thank you for the help… it worked… hoping to hear about my menu for mobile soon… Thank you for the help.

Do not worry, You don’t have to create mobile menu, but you still need to style it.

  1. Go to tablet view
  2. Choose Menu button
  3. Click “open menu” in Navbar Settings

Now you will see that menu button changed. When menu is open it has different style and you can change it

  1. Then you can style your mobile menu.
    In “navbar settings” you can choose how it will appear:


slide from right side

or slide from left side

No matter what method you will choose, next step go to style mobile menu. In your project it has no class, so has default style and calls “Nav Menu”

Yet here is video-tutorial about NavBar

At the time 1:12 starts explanation about mobile menu.

Thank you for the help… the right side helped me a lot… 2 issues

could not change out the grey color not sure why this won’t take?

On my Testimonials page the menu falls BEHIND the slideshow… can this be fixed or do I remove links and live with limited navigation on this one page?

Here is tips how to do what you need. Just have to notice:
you are creating class,
styling it and …
then you will have to apply this class to Nav Menu on all your pages

Good luck :blush:

Thank you could you please address question 2…

On my Testimonials page the menu falls BEHIND the slideshow… can this
be fixed or do I remove links and live with limited navigation on this
one page?

OH Yes I see you did answer my other question ... you are a hero!


Many Many Many thank yous for helping… .you have given me Much Confidence in the WebFlow process… I would be lost without the fantastic support I have received from you and the other forum gurus… have a nice day.

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Can you please take a look at a tech issue I have here? no one has responded for some time yet???

ALSO my customer is freaked out that the drop down menu is only working with a click… can you tell me how to make it hover drop down and allows for clicks?

tku… bruceo

Ok, I will look on your other problem.

About hover, it is easy to do with applying hover interaction. But you have to explain to customer, that hover effect is NOT working on tablets and phones. So it will be only on desktop version

Here is step by step tutorial about hover dropdown with video

:blush: I believe you can do this