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Mobile menu is strangely overflowing and fixed position not working

Hi. First post on the forum. Been using Webflow with this project over a number of years learning the ropes. Hope you can help with some mobile issues on published site which I’ve tried everything to solve:

1.The homepage menu is fixed but on published site scrolls up on mobile and reappears on scroll down.

2.Problems with homepage Nav Bar 1 overflowing when previously published on mobile, no other elements seem to be overflowing. I shouldn’t have to change Nav Bar 1’s width from Auto but tried giving it 100vw on mobile which seems to work although you can reveal white space by scrolling left which shouldn’t happen. However, giving it 100vw causes the page to overflow on landscape after being initially loaded on portrait and rotated, then the reverse with white space to right on portrait after being initially loaded on landscape and rotated (see images). I copied and pasted the Nav Bar 1 onto another page (now deleted) and it works fine even the fixed position, so there is something on the homepage that is causing Nav Bar 1 overflow and menu to scroll. A bug? Only viewed on Android not iPhone.
Any help appreciated. Thanks,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Staging link: