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Mobile menu is behind content

Hoping someone can help me out.

When the site I am building snaps to the mobile screen size, the menu shrinks to show the menu icon. I am using the default menu widget. This is all good.

The issue is that the top menu is supposed to stay fixed, but when clicking on the menu icon, the nav seems to be behind the content.

Any idea on how to make the nav appear when at mobile screen size?
Thanks all.

Hi there, is it possible for you to share your public project link? You can copy that link from site settings of your project and post here, and we are happy on the forum to look for you, what might be the issue. Usually these are positioning/z-index setting on the navbar.

ha! Egg in the face!

I forgot to paste this in:



I seem to have this with the current class of nemu items. It’s disappears behind the navbar while selecting it in the designer.


Hi, try setting the overflow to visible on your nav-scroll class. It looks like you should also style your nav menu when it is in the opened state. You can do that by selecting your nav menu, go to settings and click Open Menu to style those links when the mobile menu is in dropped down state.

Here is picture below of the nav-scroll class settings I used…Let me know if you have additional questions, cheers !

Thanks for this @cyberdave. I will take a look and let you know how it goes. @MartinB did you try this out as well? Did it work for you?

I had a slightly different thing going on here. A disappearing Navbar item’s current class. Somehow that’s fine right now. Although I haven’t changed anything.