Mobile Menu drop down fixed height


I want to make the menu page (drop down on mobile) be a fixed height so what ever page you are on it fills the screen no matter what mobile device you are using.
At the moment its only going to a certain height and I can see the page below which is a lot longer.
As I will have other pages at different lengths I want to fix this first so that i dont have to change the height of the menu depending on what page i am on.

So basically i want it so that when i click the drop down menu the menu fills the screen and i cant scroll up and down - and resizes to the screen hight its on

i have also clicked the button “menu fills page height” but it doesnt seem to fill the entire screen


- you can see the page below which i dont want

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Select Nav Menu and give it a height of 100VH. This will make the menu fill the screen. The page can still scroll but you won’t be able to see it.

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Hi Nathan

thanks for this unfortunately this hasn’t worked you can still see the page below, when viewing the drop down menu on any page, sees to be a fixed height to what ever the page below is rather than the Nav menu

Im trying to make it so there isn’t any scroll and it fills the page.
Is there any other ways of fixing this?

- click in to see


That’s strange, when I view your site on a mobile device it covers the whole screen. I’m unsure of any other ways to achieve this. I do this with my sites to achieve full screen.

I’ll have a look around, and if I find anything I will let you know :slight_smile: