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Full screen Navigation Menu

I want to my Navmenu to fill the whole screen when clicked on

please give us a link to your webflow editor so we can look further into this.

@dannesh In order to have the navmenu fill the whole screen, just select the menu and make it 100% width. Then as it expands it will fill the whole width.

Let me know you run into anything.

@thesergie, it doesnt work when i set with to 100%. I want height to fill the screen. when i select a % for it, it does not work

Hi, not sure if this is what you are after @dannesh, or why you need full height and width nav menu, but you can make your nav menu full height of window by setting position to fixed and select full position:

If you want other things to appear above the menu on the page, then set the z-index property to anything higher than zero for those other elements.

Hope that helps ? Cheers


@cyberdave thanks a lot…that did the trick


I have a full screen navigation menu, but have an issue with scrolling. The content underneath still scrolls, this is causing issues on mobile - is there a way to disable to content behind the menu from scrolling?
Also, would be cool if I can make the navigation menu content scroll. Have seen a demo of this working but the demo had no scrolling main content underneath…

Has this been answered elsewhere? I have the same question/issue regarding the site content scrolling beyond the menu.