Mobile menu bug

Hello guys,

Can someone know the problem with my mobile dropdown menu on tablet and phone view please?
Add z-index of 9999 don’t change anything.

Thanks in advance!

Share link:

No one have a solution? :confused:

I wasn’t able to figure out what was going wrong, but I might have a clue.

I noticed that the Nav Menu, for some reason, has a top: value of 1011px set in grey. Not blue like the user set it, not orange like it’s being inherited, but grey like Webflow is setting that as the default.

Further more, when I poke into devtools, the Nav Menu is set to display: none

@media screen and (max-width: 991px) { .w-nav[data-collapse="medium"] .w-nav-menu { display: none; }}

Even when I delete all the other elements except the header I can’t figure this out. Sorry I don’t have more time to look. Good luck!


I will look at your tip.

To reproduce my issue you can:

  • Open my share link
  • Go on the home page
  • Set the view to tablet
  • Open the mobile menu
  • See where it happen

I don’t see what i’m missing and i cannot fix this issue :frowning:

Hello @Ozaroth,
Did you were able to figure it out? Your preview link doesn’t work anymore. If you still need a help, could you recreate link, please.


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