Mobile menu BG not stretching with content (auto doesn't work)


My Mobile NAV doesn’t stretch with the amount of content in it. It’s like AUTO height doesn’t work.

I have now manually set it to min h = 60 vh. But this doesn’t really work. If I put more menu-items in the nav it overflows the bg container already.

It looks good if you watch it in webflow but if you opened the real website on your phone you will see that the mobile nav bg just stops somewhere while the menu items goes beyond the containment.

Anyone know what the problem is?

Appreciate any help!

Ps: Not really a ‘big’ problem but there is a white space to the right (you have to swipe to the right) when you visit my website on the phone? How to make this white space go away?

Hi, Mourik
you can set this property in mobile_overlay class
width: 100%

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Yep that worked, Thanks Nensi_Butani!! :smile:

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Hi Mourik !

Your menu height problem seems to be solved, to remove the white/scroll on the right you can add a “wrapper-site” div with only an overflow hidden parameter. Then you can add all your blocks inside.

Have a nice day !