Background Image cutoff on mobile

Hi guys,

I have this issue on my mobile where the site homepage loads fine, and looks fine without scrolling however when you scroll down the background image doesnt go with it, and just appears white.

I checked this on another browser (brave) and the problem persists.

Any idea what this might be?

Thanks in advance.

edit: the BG image looks fine in the webflow mobile preview window

Try giving the background image to the section and not to the body.
Also give the section a hight of 100VH.

i hope this will help

Thanks for the reply. That got me a little less white space, but problem still persists…

Try setting the section to MIN hight 100VH. And the background image to Cover Center and Fixed.
Also, if you can share the published site so I can check it on my phone.


sadly no joy there either

Hey, the published site is:

Does it show on your phone?