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Mobile homepage resizes / looks smaller

Hi there,

I’ve been testing my new website and something happened for the first time:

The mobile homepage loads properly for a fraction of a second and then, somehow, it resizes as if it’s interpreting it as the web version. If you load any other page, they all look great. Except the homepage.

Has anyone experienced that? If so, how did you fix it?

Here’s the published website:

And here’s the share link:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Igor_B, are you referring to this kind of bg image movment/resize?

There might be some conflicts in how the image is set to absolute position, and then the next section is using a fixed position.

There is a scroll interaction on element containing the div, so that is one thing to look at.

I would probably restructure the layout a little bit, what are you trying to achieve, a fixed background image on mobile?

Hi Dave!

Thanks for your prompt response!
Actually, the only elements that look smaller are the texts.

For instance:


Any other page:

If you pay close attention (and your internet speed is not that fast), you’ll notice that for a fraction of a second, the page will load the text as it should be. Then… it downscales.

@cyberdave Do you think it’s something I did (or should’ve done)?

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