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Mobile-first indexing in compliance with google's best practices

This is a general question about google’s Mobile-first indexing best practices. I realize the webflow platform is the opposite of mobile first in the way styles cascade to smaller viewports. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere and I have a client who will not use my services unless the mobile versions of the pages are indexed first. I’m assuming they’re doing this already as my page-speed-test shows mobile first. Would love clarification that mobile version of the site indexed first. Is google looking at the first format in the css as the version to index?

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A responsive website responsively adapts to the viewport of the device loading it. There is no separate mobile site. When building your site take in consideration the audience device breakdown. Most of my clients sites have > 50% mobile visitors. So I optimize images for small devices and slow networks and leave the heavy animations alone and minimize the use of web fonts. It’s important to remember what problem a visitor expects to solve on your site. If it loads slow they will often never get your message as they will just click back in their browser.

Google crawls mobile first. Meaning the bot hits the site as a mobile user.

Thanks. I was just worried that maybe google analyzed the css to determine how the styles cascade. I read through google’s best practices and there is no mention of css so all good. Again, thanks!

You should be aware that elements that are hidden on a breakpoint are still loaded by most, if not all browsers. So a mobile device can be impacted by those elements which effect load time / network.