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How can I make a page only available on mobile

I have a site which has some pages that I only want available on Mobile. How can I hide them from other screen sizes?

Reason for this is that the desktop site has enough space to show the section on the home page but in mobile the home page is too small so the client wants separate pages for the mobile content.

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As much as you can refrain from going to the solution to have a different homepage for mobile — because I have the feeling that when you say “page”, you mean “homepage”. This would turn into a maintenance and SEO nightmare, trust me.

If SOME sections can’t be treated on mobile on the homepage, create sections just for mobile, then use CSS “display” to hide some content from desktop and other from mobile.

If you need to hide pages from desktop or mobile, and vice versa, hide the links that are leading to those pages.


Your point three is what Id like to do.

The content is available on the homepage (desktop breakpoint) but it is contained in tabs. (See image)

On the mobile breakpoint the “tabs” are hidden but I have added a mobile menu which allows the user to go to the content of the tabs as individual pages, for example “Ralph Stratton” page. It’s these pages that are not on the desktop Navbar so can’t be linked (as you suggest) but I was worried that they could still be found via google as I seem to only be able to hide a page across all breakpoints or hide sections only.

So … your point three "If you need to hide pages from desktop or mobile, and vice versa, hide the links that are leading to those pages.”

The links are hidden … BUT will these hidden desktop pages be able to be found or seen?

I guess I could always make them presentable then if they are found “randomly” they would not look a mess.

Hope that makes sense


Colin Martin

Creative Director


That makes sense and your point is valid, don’t worry. A visitor won’t be able to access the pages because of the absence of links. Those pages however will be 1. indexed by search engines and 2. possibly linked from other websites. So a desktop visitor could end up on those pages by following links from google or site linking to them directly. You can prevent those pages to be indexed by google, but entirely.

Thanks for your help and reassurance