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Mobile changes affecting Ipad/Desktop views

Hi guys,

So I am at the point with a site that I am making it responsive across devices. I have done desktop/ipad views without any issues, however when I make any changes in mobile landscape view (i.e width of nav bar/width of content) it changes above in Ipad view.

I get that if I was to delete something in mobile view it would also delete in desktop/ipad view however when it comes to just re-sizing I am not sure how I get around this problem.

Appreciate massively any help on this, not finding any threads with a solve for this one.


Many thanks in advance,


I’ve solved don’t worry… I was moving items from one div block to another and not hiding them from Ipad view once moved. Very long winded though, Webflow could really do with having items not changing on ipad/desktop views (Like it suggests it does in the promo video)

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