Changes in Mobile view are affecting Desktop and other views

Changes I make in mobile view are affecting desktop view.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @jessie_p

Can you name an element where you’re having problems? :slight_smile:
I tried changing sizes on elements and text and it doesn’t seem to affect the other breakpoints (edited mobile portrait)

If I delete element like photos on my mobile view, it will disappear on my desktop and other views.

@jessie_p that’s completely normal, you’re deleting an element, and that affects the whole HTML of the website

To remove an element (not just images) from a certain viewpoint only, use this:

Under the Settings (D) you can choose on what breakpoints you wish to have that element show :slight_smile: (I’ve removed it from mobile view just to show you)
You can use it to remove just the image, or a whole section! :smiley:

i see! thank you so much IggsTP

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