Help make the text when you hover cms

I need to make a text CMS which when hovering on the video will appear below

Have you watched this video?

How to
(Very short - watch the video)

Add collection-list - with image (same idea for video) and title. Add hover interaction for the image --> start animation - hover-in - change target ==> to text-element - set hover-in intial state to opacity:0% - Add keyframe opacity:100%

Hover out - same idea (back to 0%)

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It seems that it does not work with fixed objects, the text does not want to become attached and the animation does not repeat when hovering.

my read only link:

Classic mistake. On hover out you select wrong target (change to name video).


Next you wont see the text (Because the div is very longggggg (Out of the screen - add red background and padding to watch this idea). Change video-name styles (Hard to answer because you use a lot of styles).

Thank you very much! it really helped. Perhaps the text is not fixed due to the animation that does horizontal scrolling.