Missing cursor bug


It`s kinda weird, but for some reason, my cursor is missing on my teaser-pictures & on my sticky navigation bar.
Doesn’t matter which browser im gonna use, every time I set it on full-screen, the cursor dissapeares on the teasers. If I don’t use full-screen (responsive) on the browser, the cursor is still visible.
PS: The cursor works inside the project…

Can somebody maybe help me out? Thx.

Website Link:

Project Link:

Hi @Shurimas_Factory,

The cursor is set to ‘none’ on the ‘Teaser’ elements within the larger breakpoints, you can change this to ‘auto’ within 1440px and up breakpoint on each of the ‘Teaser’ link blocks and this should fix your problem.

Screenshot here: Webflow - Portfolio_2022 20...

Hope this helps!

thanks a lot