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Hiding the default cursor is not working?


I am new to Webflow and i created a custom cursor and its working fine, but i cant hide the default cursor?

I selected Body(All Pages) and changed the default cursor to (none), but its not working, sometimes the default cursor is invisible, but most of the time its not, what did i miss?

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Hi @Christian_Bohmisch you still have on body element set cursor:auto. Change to none will do the trick. :wink:

ok i thought i already tried that, but now its working thx, do you know if its possible to hide the clicking hand too?

ok i figured it out by myself, its not enough to set only the body to none.

Sorry to disappoint you that my answer was not complex but just pointed to problem.

Good luck

Its me again,

Now i am confused, the cursor is still set to none (selected Body, set cursor from default to none), but it stoped working, thats what i meant, sometimes it works and sometimes its not working, what i am doing wrong?

Ok, its working fine on Firefox, but its not working on Safari 14.0.3 (14610.