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Mindbody Widget Integration

Hi there, I am researching whether it is possible to add a Mindbody widget to one of my clients websites. Judging by the documentation provided by MindBody, it should be fairly straightforward, but when I create and Embed in the designer and paste the code there, nothing shows up.

Has any one had success in doing this? Would appreciate some information on how you achieved it.

Thanks, Verity

Edit/Answer: Since writing this forum question I have since been able to confirm that the widget will not show up in preview, and you have to publish the site to be able to see it rendered.

Testing in production is not ideal if you have an already existing client website with traffic as I do, so the way I found around this was to create a password protected page for development that I can publish to without worrying about it accidentally being shown to users before it’s ready :dancer:

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Thank you but I don’t have an example link right now, which is why I didn’t provide it. I am just looking to connect with people who have successfully integrated MindBody widgets and can provide some guidance on Webflow specifically (not covered in their docs)

Based on a quick look at the documentation this should be very easy to do with an embed. I can’t see a reason why you would not be able to deploy on Webflow.

As noted in my initial post, I have read the documentation and tried to implement with an embed. It does not work out of the box as the documentation implies, which is the point of my question.

I would appreciate responses from people who have actually successfully implemented it and discovered any “gotchas” that may help me.

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