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Integrate Mindbodyonline into website

Hey Webflow community,

I’ve got a Yoga client who would like to integrate a third party booking system with Webflow.

The third party is mindbodyonline. She’d like the timetable to pull from the app and her customer to be able to register on the webflow website.

Not sure if anyone has experience with this? Would it be possible to use the new webflow CMS API?

Any advice much appreciated.

Can you provide the link to the developer API documentation for the third-party site? If not, please contact the author of the third-party site for a link to their developer API documentation.

Without it, you cannot access their data.

Looks like this is it:

There are additional fees involved for using their API. Please pass this link along to your web developer.

Yes, this should be possible. Here’s the Webflow API link your web developer needs

Thanks Sam,

You’re a Legend!

Hi- Do either of you have a site that you have made that integrates mindbody with webflow? I’m considering using the service and would love to see a finished product. Thanks!


The client didn’t end up moving forward with the project. I’m unaware of any examples off the top of my head, sorry!