Mindbody and Webflow

Well I have a client that has a website in wordpress and wants to change everything to webflow, it has several Mindbody program files, how can I make integration between the two? Thanks for sharing!

I have done this with one client by doing an iframe to their Mindbody site. The other option was to use Healcode (https://www.mindbodyonline.com/healcode) but this did not give us the full functionality the client wanted so we opted for the iframe option.


Thank LJB, but I need more, like one page just for Mindbody.

I guess I am not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish. Are you unable to create a page within Webflow and either iframe their Mindbody site or use Healcode to import their mindbody info onto the page?

Yes that’s it, you’re right to be able to put Mindbody’s codes in Webflow. Do I have a question of putting codes on separate pages? like tabs?

Yes you can use the Tabs widget and add the embed widget to any of your tabs. Or you could create a new page entirely and embed there. There are lots of options depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve!

Well… Thank so Much LJB!!!

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