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Help with custom code!

Hey guys I am having a hard time integrating this form using the html embed option. I am by no means a coder and I tried plugging in this code, but with no success for it to show up on the published site. I will insert the email that was sent to me and maybe you guys can help me out!

" Hi!

We have a job feed code widget that will automatically manage the jobs on your website based on the opening and closing of jobs through the ATS. This is where we will need some help from you. J

The following script needs to be placed somewhere on your website. Ideally, between the head tags on the careers/jobs page. Placement between the head tags may be difficult on a Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or other Content Management System. We suggest placing it in the Source View (content area) of the appropriate page (career/job page). Please note – a video on placement for WordPress is here.


. . . .

. . . .


Is there any way you guys can help me out on this one. How do I input the code for this to work on my site?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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