Menu on mobile device not work

I have a problem, my botton menu, when I click on the view of the mobile landscape and mobile portrait device, it does not open in toggle preview, can someone help me?

Here is my public share link:

in this video you can see that the button does not work, the position of the open menu is not the same as when I click on the button, there is something that does not work well.

Hello @Marbel

Your read only link is broken can you re share it please?

Hello, @aaronocampo
Here is my public share link:

Hello, @aaronocampo, @vincent, could you tell something about my problem with menu on mobile?

Sorry @Marbel haven’t had any time to go through it, I will in a couple of hours and see if I can help.

Hello @aaronocampo, thanks for your response, I’ll wait for a solution.

Hello @aaronocampo, You have been able to see my page, do you have any solution for me?

I’m so sorry @Marbel I haven’t had any time, but now that I can I notice that you shared link is no working anymore can you re share it so I can take a look at it please?

Hello @aaronocampo,
Here is share link:

Hello @Marbel

I’m looking at your site just now and I see that you made some changes, are you experiencing the same error?

I have time now to give it a look.

Let me know.


Hello @aaronocampo, I still have the same mistake, please, you can look at it again and say something to me.

This is what I see @Marbel

The position is a little bit odd but I definitely can see the menu.

Hello, this is what I see @aaronocampo

la posición ya esta ajustada en modo de diseño, sin embargo cuando esta en vista previa , la posición se desplaza y no sale en el lugar que le he asignado, también el botón deja de funcionar como puedes ver en el video, cuando hago algún ajuste del icon como cambio de color, tamaño de texto ect.

La verdad es bastante extraño porque como viste en el pequeño video que te mande yo puedo ver el menú sin problema, pudiera ser que estés experimentando algún error o algún bug.

SI gustas puedes mandarme un mensaje privado.

@aaronocampo, a que dirección te lo envió?

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