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Menu link no working

First of all, I want to say amazing work @sabanna!

I got inspired by your portfolio site last time at the workshop and I tried to replicate the Menu behaviour but I haven’t done it quite yet.

Everything works just fine but when I clic a ‘NavLink’ it supposed to close the menu and start the interactions all over, the thing is when I clic the Menu button again it doesn’t do anything and I have to clic a second time, I supposed it is because the interaction I made for the Menu button where I have a second clic animation that is no running because the Side Bar was closed by another interaction (NavLink)

Sorry if I dropped this just like that I don’t know if there is a proper way to do it, if so let me know

Here is my public share link: LINK
(Webflow link)

You’re Webflow Share Link is improperly shared. :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up!

Already changed :wink:

Thank you, @aaronocampo for such feedback and very kind words. You work is impressive too.

As @VladimirVitaliyevich mentioned, your read-only link is broken. And without it, it is hard to tell what exactly cause the issue.

Waiting for the correct link :wink:


Opps, didn’t see you reply :grin:

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I post here the preview link, to avoid any confusion

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And I didn’t say thank you for your words as well! :smile:

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Ok, I see you create “Side menu” from scratch. Maybe here is a problem.
I used standard navbar and it has its fuctionality: it is closing when you click the nav-link.

Here is preview link to my site.

Feel free to look and check how it built.


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Wow! Thank you! That would be fun to see.

I’ll check it out and get more ideas :wink:

Thanks a lot once again

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