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Hello Webflow Community,
I have a sidebar with a main menu. The menu has links and sublinks, and I want the sublinks to appear only when someone clicks the main link. Here’s a screenshot of what I want to do.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist me.

Thank you in advanced.

Hello @adlpp,
You can use Dropdown widget for create “open sublinks” effect. Just not sure if you will be able to keep all sublinks “opened” in the same time.


Thank you @sabanna, I’ll try this out and let you know.

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It didn’t work as expected. This is what I want to do:

Click on the menu items to see the interactions and how a menu expand/collapse when clicked on the same item or other item.

What if it will be like this?

That works perfectly, can I have a read-only version to clone it?

It is in my sandbox
page: toggle menu

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