My menu is behaving weird

Hi there, I have been having trouble with my menu interaction.

When I open the menu, it is working fine but as soon as I click on one of the links which takes the user to different section of the page, the menu begins playing up. Like when the menu disappears, the MENU button doesnt show unless it is clicked again (if I hover my mouse in the menu area where it is supposed to be, the cursor is pointer which means it is there but I can’t see it unless I click it again). Then when I open the MENU after clicking on one of the links, the menu looks weird - there is an extra space on the right, and the CLOSE button doesn’t change to WHITE color like when I open the MENU for the first.

Sorry if this is all so confusing but read-only link is attached. Thanks!


Hi @Erna_Lin

Please can you re-submit your read-only link so we can have a look at your issue?

Hi @WisdomainUK , thank you so much for your response!

I made a mock up on my other site to play around with it. The problem seems simpler now but I still cant solve it. So, I created a slide in mock up MENU:


When someone clicks on the one of the links on MENU (Note: I only made the DISCOVER link work), the whole menu slides out but the CLOSE text should transition back to MENU, however it is still CLOSE when the menu closes. And when I click on CLOSE again to access the menu, it says MENU instead of CLOSE. I can’t figure out where I did wrong on the animation/interaction. I try switching it around but none work so far.

Thank you so much for your reply!