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Menu is not displaying properly


My menu is not displaying properly.
This menu is not the typical menu block, but rather a text block.
This text block has various words bolded, and then these bolded words are made into links that redirect to specific webpages.

This menu is not displaying properly.
For some reason,

A. the writing is stuck on the left hand side.
B. the writing needs to go higher up, but its stuck at where it is.

Adjusting the position using the position pad, isnt doing anything.
Please help me by using this read-only link to enter the website, diagnose the problem, and suggest a solution!

Extra detail:
–> The Menu is a text block with the class called ‘Menu writing’
It is located within the symbol called ‘Section 2’

–> Items within that symbol ‘Section 2’ are not directly related to the problem.
This items include the classes ‘Johnny Absolute’ and ‘Phone Number’.

Thank you!


You’ve got kind of a mess, here. It isn’t going to be easy to sit here and type up an entire list of what’s going on, so I won’t.

I will tell you that what is happening with your menu writing appears to be related to the fact that your Logo Slider Area has a set height of 250px which is pushing the menu text down, and doing other things as well.

The short answer is to take your Section 2 element and add Float: Left to it, which will bring those menu elements into it, and style it from there.

Hi Elliot,

I’ve made 2 video’s where i try to resolve a few of your problems:

Sorry if i’m going to fast, i only have limited record time.

Also, try using auto instead of a fixed height / width where possible, it solves a lot of responsive issues.

I hope those 2 videos are helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you-- this is fixed!

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