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Creating drop-down menu from a text block :)

I have a text block on my website. There are various words spaced out on the text block; each of these words represent menu items-- when the words are clicked on, each links out to a specific page.

What i need to happen, is people hover over one of the words.

When they hover over ‘services’, for example, a drop-down would appear. This is a typical menu drop-down with sub-pages listed, such as “Dog walking” “pet sitting” "Etc.’

How can i accomplish this?

Please refer to my read-only link.

This is a solution webflow support provided; i wanted to vet this solution with the community and see if

  1. it is for sure the right solution (As it is pretty complex)
  2. Any alternate solutions exist

Thank you!

Hey @Elliot if you use a Navbar element, then just drag in a dropdown component. You can double click the text within a dropdown and wrap it with a span tag text link as well.

​Please let me know if this is helpful, if not, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile:

Thanks, dude, but i didn’t use a Navbar element.

I used a text block.

Certain words on this text block are bolded, so they are then link-able.
I want certain words of this text block to be drop-down links.

Hover over, drop-down appears.

Please use read-only link to see how i did the text block Menu.

It appears that I can style the Nav Bar just the same as i can a text block.

I am open to the alternative of just deleting my existing menu and replicating the design, using the Nav Bar element.

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