Need help with menu hover

I have a menu, it is a symbol.

This symbol is on all my webpages.

This menu is long and horizontal, and it has a special hover effect where light appears as a drop shadow underneath the menu, as a glowing light.

But that effect isnt appearing when i hover over; it isnt even appearing on the initial appearance, either, because i tried both.

Can someone dive in to the site and help me out?

It’s appearing for me. You mean the effect on the nav links right?

I am referring to the menu bar itself.

There is one effect: When you hover over the navigation links, the MENU Items, such as ‘about’, there is a nice glow effect that surrounds it. That is not what i refer to.

The effect i refer to is a glowing blur effect that descends DOWN from the horizontal blue bar,
like imagine a nice radiation glowing downwards from the blue bar.

This effect i describe, is what i want to appear, and it should appear; since i have this glow effect attached to the Navigation Blue Bar that i customized. You will see that when you dive into the site---- the class has a bunch of white shadow glow’s under the ‘Shadows’ Tab.

Hi @Elliot, try setting the navbar class to position relative:

I hope this helps!

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